About the ASRC Shop

Wear your support on your sleeve.

We’ve made a range of responsibly manufactured and sourced clothing, accessories and edible items, to help our community show their support for refugees and people seeking asylum while raising vital funds to power the ASRC’s programs.

Each purchase from the ASRC Shop helps provide food, healthcare, housing and legal support for people seeking asylum while our education, empowerment and employment services help people to live independently and thrive in the community.
Choosing a gift-box created by the ASRC Social Enteprises - ASRC Catering & ASRC Cleaning, also brings a source of income to support their mission creating employment and training pathways for people who are ready to join the Australian workforce.

Where does the money go?

All proceeds go towards running the ASRC's core programs that support and empower people seeking asylum - including the ASRC Catering & ASRC Cleaning.

Your merchandise purchase will help make real and lasting change possible for people seeking asylum, while also raising awareness for the ASRC.

Why your support matters

The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) is Australia’s largest human rights organisation providing support to people seeking asylum.

The proceeds from every item purchased from the ASRC Shop help to fund ASRC programs that support and empower people seeking asylum to maximise their own physical, mental and social well being.

To remain independent and champion the rights of people seeking asylum the ASRC does not accept Federal Government funding. Instead, our work is powered by the community through generous donations and the purchase of our merchandise.