ASRC Catering Spice and A-Bit-More Box
ASRC Catering Spice and A-Bit-More Box
ASRC Catering Spice and A-Bit-More Box

ASRC Catering Spice and A-Bit-More Box

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The Spice and A-Bit-More Box offers a global food experience with a social impact, with all profits supporting training and employment opportunities for people seeking asylum and refugees within ASRC's social enterprises.

What's in the box:

  • Five Spice Powder: A mixture of five or more spices used predominantly in Chinese and Vietnamese cuisines.
  • Timor Leste Tumeric: Beautiful, locally-sourced turmeric from Timor Leste. A spice that has mind and body healing elements.
  • Middle Eastern Sumac: Sumac is a small flowering tree native to Iran that grows wild in Western Asia, the Arabian peninsula.
  • Za’atar: A spice blend common in Middle Eastern Countries. Wonderful for seasoning meats and vegetables, or sprinkled onto hummus.
  • Tomato Kasundi: A traditional tomato and spiced relish that originates from Bengal and parts of South East Asia.
  • 1x ASRC Tea Towel: featuring the ASRC's ‘Home of Hope’ artwork, which celebrates the diversity of people we support, depicting the birds, plants and produce from our members’ countries of origin.

With a limited amount of each product created, there may be times when we cannot provide exactly as indicated in our wonderful boxes. We will endeavour to replace this product with something just as delicious.

Please note that this item will be available for shipping from Monday 14th November. The ASRC strives to produce as little waste and be as sustainable as possible. If you have ordered other items, your total order will be shipped when all items are available for shipping. 

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