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ASRC Shop has a beautiful range of responsibly sourced merchandising and meaningful gifts for any occasion. Whether you need special gifts to celebrate festive seasons, birthdays, mother's day or father's day, weddings or anniversaries, we have something for everyone.

Get your loved ones a gift card, clothing, stationery or a staple item that champions the human rights of refugees and people seeking asylum. All proceeds go towards running the ASRC's core programs that support and empower people seeking asylum. Every gift purchase will help make real and lasting change possible for asylum seekers in Australia. 

All our gifts are available for her, him, them and the kids.

100% handmade soap bar

How do we source our products? 

The ASRC Shop operates under an ethical engagement policy, meaning that the procurement of items must adhere to these guidelines as we recognise that poor supply chain management and poor working conditions impact upon vulnerable people. Currently, products are made in Australia, New Zealand or China, however this is all managed through our Australian merchandise partner As Colour, company recognised for the ethical sourced products.

All the printing of our clothing items, tea towels and tote bags is done locally in West Melbourne by an Australian owned family business.

Where possible, we will always source local products. When engaging international suppliers, it's a requirement of the ASRC that all production work and factories meet strict internationally recognised standards and accords and that documentation outlining the appropriate labor conditions, sourcing of materials and workers rights can be sighted prior to the production of any merchandise items. 

As our Merchandise program grows, we are looking forward to developing a framework for localised procurement and employment for refugees and people seeking asylum.

Special Collections
Olana Janfa for the ASRC

A self-taught artist, Olana Janfa was born and raised in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and sought asylum in Norway as a teenager. He has lived in Australia since 2015 and began painting in 2018 as a way to reconnect with his culture and create a sense of home.

Titled ‘Journey to Freedom’ the Olana X ASRC collection features an artwork by Olana that represents the refugee journey of following hope to seek safety in a new country. Brimming with optimism, Olana’s vibrant artwork depicts a bus carrying refugees to a new destination under the sun of hope. The roof of the bus is stacked high with the important yet intangible “luggage” that many refugees carry with them into their new life.

All proceeds from sales will help fund the ASRC’s programs that support and empower people seeking asylum as they rebuild their lives in Australia.

Special Collections
Beci Orpin for the ASRC

We've teamed up with artist and illustrator extraordinaire Beci Orpin to bring you a collaboration including stylish T-shirts (unisex and kids sizes available), Tote Bags, Stickers, Pins, Hats and more. All items from the ASRC X Beci Orpin collection not only make a heartfelt statement of solidarity, but also make real and lasting change possible for people seeking asylum.

Special Collections
Second Stitch for the ASRC

The ASRC has partnered with Second Stitch, a social enterprise that empowers women from diverse backgrounds, including refugees and migrants, through textiles. As part of the Olana x ASRC Collection, Second Stitch have produced and finished items that feature the vibrant repeat print of Olana’s Journey to Freedom artwork.