Razia x ASRC Tea Towel

Razia x ASRC Tea Towel

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The ASRC has collaborated with artist Razia Ghazal to bring you this beautiful Tea Towel.

Perfect for gifting this premium 50% cotton/50% linen tea towel comes folded with a wrap band and measures 50cm x 70cm.

  • Manufactured from ethically grown cotton in a GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified factory
  • Screen printing inks are 100% environmentally friendly, 100% solvent, PVC and phthalate free

About the Artist - Razia Ghazal

‘I'm from the Hazara community, one of the most persecuted ethnicities in Afghanistan and Pakistan. I’m from a refugee family and Brisbane is home now.

I have done my bachelor's degree in linguistics and have learned that the essence of feeling fades with words. Art needs no words to express the feeling.

My art tells the stories of people I have crossed paths with. The stories of migration, war, pain, nostalgia, home, culture, and love.

My mum used to grow sunflowers in our front yard when we were little. It is one of the flowers I grew up with. We have roasted sunflower seeds with tea at our family gatherings – it is a cultural thing. And it is a great replacement for popcorn when watching movies at home.

The turquoise blue in my paintings represents the Australian oceans. When I came to Australia I didn’t know how to swim – I never thought that it was something for girls. My friends took me snorkeling, and though I didn’t know much about swimming, I discovered that I could naturally tread water. I discovered another world out there, new sounds, tranquillity and peace and now swimming and snorkeling is my thing. 

I have brought sunflowers from the front yard of my mother’s home and traveled with them across the seven seas. I am going to sow the seeds in the backyard of the home I am building for my children: the seeds of love, compassion, and hope."