Razia Ghazal x ASRC

Brisbane-based artist Razia Ghazal draws on her Hazara heritage to create expressive works, loaded with symbolism.
The Razia Ghazal x ASRC collection features an evocative self portrait, conveying nostalgia as well as hope. 

Featuring migratory swallows, oceanic blues and the sunflowers that her mother used to grow in their garden, Razia’s art tells the stories of people she has crossed paths with in her travels: stories of migration, war, pain, nostalgia, home, culture, and love. 

With a choice of responsibly-sourced gift wrapping paper, festive cards and an artist-designed tea towel, the Razia Ghazal x ASRC collection has you covered with staples for the festive season: for thoughtful gifts, that also do good.